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A public, nonprofit group of fishermen helping fishermen and these nonprofit groups. Virtually any species, and technique.
We can show you how to catch big ones! Dale had fun with this 11 foot sturgeon 6/14/05.
Read this article
about Dale and one of our many techniques, in Salmon Trout Steelheader Magazine, April 2005

Tailorable Reminder Lists ("Extra Credit")

Members: to download and then tailor your own reminder list, click & enter username/password:
Since we have the most complete Fishing "Reminder List" that we’ve ever seen, we bet we have the smoothest-running fishing trips of almost anyone in the NW. Remember, it’s about having fun.

The Reminder List is not required to have a really fun fishing trip, so we call it "extra-credit."

There are two versions of the Reminder List (click to preview them):

  1. When Using a Boat (preview)
  2. When Walking or Float-tubing (preview)
    1. Instructions:
      1. Not intended to be used 'as-is'!
      2. Members: download Reminder List by clicking here.
      3. Then use your word-processor to remove every item that’s not:
        a. Important for you, or
        b. Somewhat hard for you to remember.
      4. Add items, if you choose.
      5. You might end up with only 2 (or more?) pages.

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