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215 Hookups/Boat/Weekend

130 Most Productive Catching Scenarios in the NW     34 Reasons We Hook So Many Fish

  1. The 215 average hookups per weekend, per boat, has been for Dale’s actual trips since 2003, and is based on the pace of the grand total number of combined "hookups" over 2 days for a father and two grown sons in their boat, running this system fully, including following our 10 "Catching Rules", which include getting 4 trips under his belt there, and not just experimenting.
  2. Average trip has 13” trout (but we fish for many species.) However, if you choose different fishing scenarios of ours, you can likely have:

    a) 120 hookups/weekend for your family’s boat where the average trip has 7 pound fish.


    b) Have your average fish over the whole year be 33 POUNDS if you fished all of our top 35 biggest-fish scenarios. Averages 19 hookups/weekend for your family’s boat (sturgeon and halibut may be higher, tuna and Chinook likely lower.)

    These results would be on your 4th trip there, and if you choose to follow our 10 "Catching Rules".

  3. Usually, the bigger the fish, the fewer we hook into:

  4. Based upon fishing 8 hours/day, which is what guides often do.
  5. Like many fishers, we land about 70% of the hookups, but since we mostly catch and release, we don’t worry too much about fish getting loose...and we usually land enough fish for more than the limit anyway.
  6. Dale mostly fishes from the top 35 most productive catching scenarios on our database.
  7. The vast majority of our scenarios are not guided.
  8. The vast majority are on public land.
Question: How many fish will my family probably hook?
Answer: It depends upon the degree that you do the following (yet still “keeping it fun”).
  1. Select the most productive catching scenarios, from your tailored catching calendar.
  2. Follow our 10 "Catching Rules"….which include getting 4 trips under your belt there, and follow our Game plans.
  3. Target little fish (catch more fish), or target bigger fish (fewer fish….but who can complain about big fish!)
  4. Have the proper equipment, such as the right boat, hooks, etc. Our Game plans often list what’s desirable.

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